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Longmeadow Girls Lacrosse Parents/Players:


June 3 and 4, 2017
Somers, Connecticut



Somers Lacrosse Association (somerslacrosse.org) is proud to host the 32nd annual Paul Bowers Memorial Lacrosse Tournament for youth players from all over the Northeast region. We have approximately 160 teams attending this year and an outstanding event planned!  The information outlined here includes all of the details you should need including links to schedules, rules, address and parking information.  *Please print and bring all information with you to the event and share these details in advance with your teams/parents. 


  1. PETS or animals of ANY kind are NOT allowed on the premises!
  2. NO grills allowed!
  3. Please use caution crossing any of the streets.  Traffic can be busy on main road as well as within complex.


GAME SCHEDULES – Click on the appropriate division below for corresponding schedule:



Each team will play 4 games.  Games are 25 minute running time, with start and end times based on a universal horn.  There are 5 minute intermissions between games.


Sometimes unforeseen changes occur last minute with the schedules.  Please check the website ON THE MORNING of your event for the final schedule.  The last date of revision is shown in the upper right corner of each schedule.  Please print or have access via your personal device to the schedule as we will not have hard copies available.



Coaches and Players are asked to review and follow the tournament rules for their age division; Click HERE for rules.


All coaches must sign-in their teams at the Registration tent, confirm their cell phone number and pick up a team gift package.  Somers Lacrosse Association and Dunkin Donuts are pleased to provide a special tournament gift to each player who attends the Bowers Tournament. Coaches are asked to hand these out to their players at the tournament and emphasize fun and good sportsmanship!

FIELDS & ADDRESS INFO – Click HERE for printable field maps


Bantam Girls and Bantam Boys

  • Somers Middle School (MBA)
  • Fields 1-5 are immediately to your left as you turn into the school complex
  • Address for fields and parking:
    • 1 Vision Blvd, Somers, CT 06071


Junior Boys and Senior Boys

  • Somers Middle School (MBA) and Firehouse Fields
  • MBA Fields 1-5 are immediately to your left as you turn into the school complex
  • Firehouse Fields 6 & 7 are across the street from the middle school fields
  • All fields are within walking distance to each other
  • Address for fields and parking:
    • 1 Vision Blvd, Somers, CT 06071


Junior and Senior Girls

  • Somers High School and Field Road Park
  • Fields 8-12 are located at the high school track and also the lower fields of the park
  • Address for fields and parking:
    • 96 Field Road, Somers, CT 06071
  • This is the MAIN ENTRANCE, DO NOT USE the Vision Blvd address
  • Once in Field Road Park, use designated parking areas including all the way in back up near the high school


With approximately 160 teams and several hundred spectators coming to the tournament, traffic and parking can be heavy.  State Troopers will be assisted by a staff of volunteers to help direct traffic, as well as provide participants with directions and assistance where needed.  We ask for complete cooperation in order to ensure everyone's safety.  Please plan to arrive early - Traffic is especially busy between the hours of 8 - 9 am, and 12 - 1 pm.  A few items to note:


  • There is NO parking and NO ‘drop off’ allowed along Ninth District Road
  • Team tents and equipment will need to be carried from the Vision Blvd. parking areas
  • DO NOT PARK in ‘No Parking Areas’ or Fire Lanes
  • DO NOT PARK on any of the streets
  • There is Handicap parking available with clearly marked spaces
  • Golf Cart transport assistance is also available for handicapped individuals
  • State Police will be monitoring and cars will be towed.


The event is held rain or shine.  In the event of lightning, we will suspend play and ask that everyone take shelter. For the safety of all players and attendees at the Tournament, the following lightning policy will be in effect for the entire day:


  • All play will stop (several loud whistle blasts, as well as multiple horn blasts) and players will be told to leave the field if the flash-to-bang count reaches 30 seconds or less by any of the officials or event coordinators.
  • Players should go directly to their team area and each team should have a plan as to where to go from there (i.e. cars)
  • Coaches are asked to meet at the Referee Tent to get weather status so they can communicate updates to their teams. Head coaches should also watch email for any tournament cancelation notices.
  • Once activities are suspended, play will not resume until 20 minutes after the last flash of lightning is seen or the sound of thunder heard by the site coordinator. At that time, the “all clear” signal will be given and play will resume.
  • NOTE: Play will resume in accordance with the time schedule, not from when the play was originally stopped.


EMT’s will be on-site if medical attention is needed.  Medical staff will be next to the referee tent and/or in a golf cart monitoring games. If you need assistance at a field, please tell your referees and they will call an EMT for help.

There will be an exciting variety of food trucks at the event in order to meet everyone’s hunger needs!

  1. NO GRILLS are allowed on the premises!


We have several excellent vendors this year!  Be sure to check out the equipment and clothing, plus test your speed at FAST SHOT!



We are very excited to have two (2) $500 Dicks Sporting Goods gift cards for our raffle this year!  There will be one (1) gift card raffled to one lucky winner each day!  Raffle tickets are being sold at the Registration & T-shirt tent in each field area.  Be sure to get your raffle tickets and don't miss out on your chance to win this amazing prize!


Bowers Tournament T-Shirts are always popular and often sell out.  Stop by the T-Shirt tent (with Registration) and check out the newest design with your town name!  Don't miss out!!!


Sportsmanship is the focus of the Paul Bowers Memorial Lacrosse Tournament.  Awards are given out each year to one team in each age division.  The following scoring policy is in place:


  1. For each game played, each referee can award five (5) points based on the sportsmanship displayed by the players, coaches and fans. Both teams can score 5 points, should both demonstrate exemplary sportsmanship. 
  2. After each game, the referee informs the sportsmanship scorekeeper of the point distribution for that game. 
  3. At the end of bantam, junior and senior division play, the points are tallied by team and the team with the most points is awarded the Bowers Sportsmanship Award.  We encourage you to stay until the end of your division to see if your team wins this special honor!


We are looking forward to seeing everyone for a great weekend of lacrosse action!
Yours in Lacrosse,

SLA Board of Directors and Bowers Committee