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Longmeadow Girls Lacrosse Jamboree - May 4, 2019

Dear Coaches/Coordinators,                                               

The Final schedule for the 2019 Longmeadow Jamboree is attached along with the field map and additional event information.  

The schedule is final and no requested changes will be made.

Please forward attachments to your coaches and players to print and bring to the event. To reduce paper waste No copies will be available at the event.  Schedule and field maps will be posted.    

The Jamboree is just few days away and hopefully Mother Nature will be on our side this year.  Here is some information with attachments for you to distribute.  Please be sure to distribute the list of vendors in attendance.   The Longmeadow Jamboree is our only fund raiser and can only continue as a premier lacrosse event for our many participants with the support of our vendors and attendees. Please continue to patronize our fine vendors.


If you have multiple teams in the same age group and the names we used are different from what you use (Team #1 and Team #2 as opposed to Green Team and White Team), please decide among yourselves which team you will represent on the schedule.  Please be on the correct field ready to play for the start horn.


We will hold the event rain or shine, however, in the event of lightning we will suspend play and ask that everyone take shelter.  Returning to your cars may be the best place to wait.  Games will resume 30 minutes after the last lightning is observed.  We will resume play with the games that are scheduled at the time the lightning delay ends. 


The Jamboree is at Wolf Swamp Fields Located at 703 Wolf Swamp Road, Longmeadow, MA near the intersection of Quinnehtuk road.                                                                


Parking is tight and a bit chaotic.  Please remind your parents to arrive early to drop off their players and park.  Vehicles cannot be left unattended at the drop off area – you must remain with your vehicle during drop off.

There are parking lots adjacent to the fields, at the Longmeadow Field Club and in a grass lot a few hundred yards east of the fields. We will have volunteers helping with parking - we ask that you comply with the posted no-parking signs and drive carefully in the parking lots.  Twin Hills Country Club is NOT available for parking.


All teams should sign-in upon arrival and provide the name and cell phone number of the head coach.


Each team will be scheduled to play 4 games.  Games are 23 minutes in length with 7 minute breaks between games. We cannot control team no-shows, but will endeavor to maintain a minimum of a four game schedule per team.  


We will be using US Lacrosse Level A Junior & Senior

•             11 v 11 Play + goalie

•             Modified Checking at Junior Level.  Transitional Checking at Senior Level, per US Lacrosse guidelines.

•             No coaches on the field of play. All coaches must stay on your team's half of the sidelines.  No exceptions.  



•             7v7 + Goalie **

•             No checking

•             5 Second Rule per US Lacrosse will apply.  No 3 Pass Rule.

•             No coaches on the field of play.  All coaches must stay on your team's half of the sidelines.  No exceptions.  

** All Bantam games will be played on Bantam fields of varying size.

Please Respect the Refs - Remember that this is a Jamboree and not a tournament.  We have worked with our local league to get the most experienced group of Adult and Youth refs possible for the jamboree.  While you have the right to ask what the call was, you SHOULD NOT argue with the call. Games are running time, please do not hassle the refs - bite your tongue, and focus on coaching - this sets a positive example.  We appreciate your support in this important area. 


During the event, we will have a trainer on-site that will be located across from the snak shack.


We have a full range of concessions available during the event and appreciate your support.  As we are playing on a town field, grills are not allowed at the event. 


Tim Kingston                      cell: 413-847-0654

Kate Walsh                        cell: 413-896-4093

 If you need to contact us with any questions, you can also reach us at:


 We are looking forward to seeing everyone and thanks again for your support of the jamboree. 

Longmeadow Girls Lacrosse Association