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2018 Longmeadow Girls Lacrosse


Taylor Cummings
Founder of Taylor Cummings Lacrosse 
Website:  www.taylorcummingslacrosse.com
Phone:  (443) 878-2822 (m)


Longmeadow Jamboree - Saturday, 5/5/18.  All Longmeadow teams and players are automatically registered.  This is our main fundraiser every year so please make every effort to attend, volunteer and support LGLA, our vendors, and our kids.


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K-2 Parents - Register at www.lprd.net.  Clinics run weekly by the Longmeadow High School Girls Varsity Team.

Sunday, 6/3/18  End of season

Tuesday, 6/19/18 Taylor Cummings Lacrosse Clinic at LHS


Longmeadow Girls' Lacrosse - What to expect

Participate in one of Longmeadow’s most popular youth athletic programs for players of all skill levels in 3rd grade thru 8th grade, and for early learners in kindergarten thru 2nd grade with skills and drills clinics typically held in May. 

Longmeadow Girls' Lacrosse Association (LGLA) provides an athletic program that promotes a positive well balanced coaching philosophy, emphasizing sportsmanship and fair play while teaching valuable life skills in a fun, safe, supportive, instructional environment. It doesn’t matter if you have never played, the objective of LGLA is for participants to learn the exciting game of lacrosse with emphasis on having fun, personal development, and respect for themselves, their teammates, opponents, refs, and their coaches.

The season starts in late March with a few indoor events and ends no later than June 3. Games start in April typically after school vacation in Longmeadow at Wolf Swamp fields or and Glenbrook Middle School, and in surrounding communities. You can expect around 3-4 lacrosse events per week at younger age groups with possibly up to 5 for older players during the season, mainly due to to weather cancellations and rescheduled games.

For more information please contact:

Jim Kennedy at jkennedyuec@comcast.net, 413-246-5044

Tim Kingston at tkingston39@comcast.net, 413-847-0654

Thank you!


Bantam Division (3rd & 4th Grade)

  • The Bantam players will be placed on teams with an even mix of 3rd and 4th graders.  
  • The Bantam program will have a strong focus on instructional lacrosse and drills that emphasize skill development.
  • We do not keep score and there are no standings.
  • A typical week will include 3-4 lacrosse events. 
  • An event is either a game or practice. 
  • Specific practice and game times have not yet been established and will vary.
  • There will be both in-town games and games against other area towns.

Juniors (5th & 6th Grade) and Seniors (7th & 8th Grade)

  • Junior and Senior teams are established through a draft. 
  • Teams are all mixed grade and evenly balanced as mandated by our league and LGLA. 
  • Strong focus on skills and fun.  All participants welcome. 
  • We do not keep score and there are no standings.
  • Typical week will include 3-4 lacrosse events.  An event is eithere a practice or a game.
  • Specific practice and game times are not established and will vary based on the avialability of our volunteer coaches.
  • There will be in-town and games against other area towns.


Volunteer coaches

We are lucky to have a great volunteer coaching staff and your daughters will learn a lot about the game. We encourage parents to volunteer as assistant coaches to learn the game along with your daughters.  Experienced coaches will help you learn all you need to know about the game and this will hopefully lead to many taking on lead coaching roles in the future.  Starting at the Bantam level is ideal as this is when everyone is developing their lacrosse knowledge and no one is expected to be a lacrosse expert.  Everyone is learning together.  


Contact League Athletics at 877-932-6747
Phone hours:
8:30 - 18:00 ET, M-F
9:00 - 12:00 ET, Sat


The mission of the Longmeadow Girls Lacrosse Association is to provide an organized and structured athletic program that promotes a positive, well-balanced coaching philosophy, emphasizing sportsmanship and fair play while building self-esteem and teaching valuable life skills in a safe, supportive, instructional environment. The objective of the Longmeadow Girls Lacrosse Association is for all participants to learn to play lacrosse with emphasis on fun and personal development through self-discipline, physical fitness and respect for themselves, teammates, opponents, referees, and their coaches.

posted 01/03/2016
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